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Good Governance:

I believe our council should center community voices when creating priorities and deciding policies. I will work hard and with compassion to ensure we can collectively bridge government to community and improve safety, increase equitable resources and access to housing opportunities.



Lansing is in the midst of a major housing crisis. Affordable housing is far and few between,

while the remaining affordable units are not properly maintained, creating unsafe living

conditions for Lansing residents.

1. Hire more code enforcement officers to protect the best interests of the community as a


2. Invest in repairing our current public housing units

3. stop unjust evictions

4. There must be limits to prices landlords can demand for rent based on building ages,

square footage, and structural soundness.

Public Safety:

The level of crime in Lansing is unacceptable. We have to invest in community-driven,

evidence-based interventions.

1. More funding for community programs that protect at-risk youths.

2. Build relationships: Our police officers should make an effort to build relationships with

community members by attending community events and being visible in the community.

3. Listen to feedback: The Lansing Police Department should actively seek feedback from

the community about their performance. This can be done through surveys, town hall

meetings, and other forms of engagement.

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